An Introduction to PatBase Express

PatBasics Express - Start

Getting Started with PatBase Express

  • Go to the secure PatBase Express log-in page and enter your user ID and password. Please note, many PatBase Express users are IP verified so this step may not apply to you.
  • PatBase Express will automatically open on the Search form. The Search form provides a structure for searching multiple criteria. Information icons on the right-hand side of the search form provide an explanation and examples of how to enter search criteria.
  • The following search forms can be accessed from the toolbar or from More options: Quick search, Advanced search, Number search, Semantic search, Literature search and Non-Latin search (tools and utilities can also be accessed from here).
  • Download the PatBase Express guide from the Document Links drop-down menu to the right for a detailed guide to all functionalities on the platform

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Password?
Navigate to Settings & Password under More options in the toolbar.

Enter your new password where directed:

How do I change the interface language?
The PatBase Express interface is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

The language can be changed in 2 places, either from the log-in screen:

Or, navigate to Settings & Password under More options in the toolbar.

Click Select Language, to choose your preferred language.
What is a PatBase Express patent family?
One PatBase Express patent family represents one invention. Members of a PatBase Express family share one or more common priority number(s). The families include continuations in part.
Where do I find full PatBase Express country coverage and last update information?
Full coverage and update information is available in the help files (select Help on the toolbar) under Coverage and update information.