An Introduction to PatDocs Basics

PatDocs - Review

Reviewing results in PatDocs

  • From the top of the result set page, you can choose to refine your search or run a new search. Export your result set as an Excel file or run a basic analysis by clicking the buttons at the top of the screen labelled Export and Analysis
  • On the left-hand column there are options to filter your results by publication year, assignee, inventor, technology area and moreā€¦
  • Click on the image to open the image gallery and rotate and click through any associated drawings for a publication
  • To the right of each publication title there is a folder icon to add said publication to your folder
  • Click on the title of the publication to view the full text document and all available information, including:
    • Full Text - shows all information on the patent and the page can be navigated using the 'navigate to' box
    • Original PDF - this shows the original patent document that was filed in a PDF format
    • Reassignment - this shows reassignment data obtained from USPTO
    • Transaction History - this shows a table of metadata about the current document, along with its transaction history
    • Payments - this is a PDF of the fees related to this patent, from USPTO
    • Family - this is a link to PatBase's Legal Information Browser
    • File History - this is a link to a page containing the file history for this patent, which is viewable and downloadable
    • Family Tree - this will open a new tab to PatDocs' Family Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the links at the top live and real time or is the data from the PTO cached?
All links to US PAIR are real-time and provide an easy way to bypass the need to go to the USPTO public PAIR page. In fact when Public PAIR via is down, the links from PatDocs and/or PatBase are still working (pending USPTO availability).
Does the file history link contain all US file Histories?
The File History link to the real-time image wrapper is available for all electronically available IFWs. In the case you need an IFW for older cases, by clicking the link you will be able to order it via Tempus IP, a Minesoft company.