An Introduction to PatDocs Basics

PatDocs - Order

Ordering in PatDocs

  • Document ordering:
    • Documents can be ordered from the Order page or when viewing search results
    • When ordering from the Order page you can change the recipient on the right-hand side of the page, you can also choose to pack your order into a zip-file if preferred, simply check Pack Order into Zip-File. Once you have filled out this information, enter your desired patent numbers into the box under the Order Patent Copies tab
    • Once you are set to order, you can either:
      • Preview the patents you want to order by checking Advanced Order, or
      • Skip this step and directly order the documents
    • On submitting your order, you will be redirected to a page displaying the status of your order. When the status changes to complete, you will soon receive an email containing links to all of the documents and a zip-file if that option was selected. You can also forward the links to any other email address
  • Ordering translations:
    • Translations are ordered from the Order page under the Translate tab
    • PatDocs supports translations from Chinese, Korea and Japanese to English
    • On submitting the numbers you want translated, you will be taken to the Translations Preview page. If a translation is not found, it will not be in the table on this page and we will list the numbers unavailable below that table.
    • If you want to download these translations, you have the option to provide a file name below the preview table. Otherwise, just press the submit button and a new tab will open (so you can leave this page if you want) and this tab will download the zip-file of documents and close when complete

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order patents in PDF format?

Yes – integrated PatentOrder enables PatDocs users to order PDF copies from over 50 patenting authorities around the world (full PDF or front page only) with a certificate of correction included.

How do I order the front page of a patent copy only?

On submitting your normal document order, you will be redirected to a page displaying the status of your order. This page will automatically refresh every few seconds until the order is complete.

Once complete, at the bottom of the page you will have three options:

  1. Complete PDFs (ZIP) - Downloads the full copy of all ordered documents and puts them in a zip file.
  2. Front Pages Only (ZIP) - Downloads only the first page of each patent and saves them as individual PDFs.
  3. Front Pages (as one PDF) - Downloads only the first page of each patent and saves them all into one single PDF file.

You can access previous orders by looking at your document ordering history in the history tab and clicking on the order type. From here you can then re-download the complete copy or just front page of all the documents made in that order.