An Introduction to PatDocs Basics

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Using PatDocs Basics

Welcome to PatDocs Basics. On this easy-to-use website, you will find the guidance to help you get started with PatDocs. If you have any feedback or additional questions,

This site covers the five main functions to explore in PatDocs:

  • Legal status information including offline legal status reports and accessing the legal status viewer
  • Automated tools – using autofill IDS forms and family tree mapping to replace time-consuming manual work
  • Searching across all US patent documents using different search forms
  • Reviewing, exporting and analysing a result set
  • Ordering global patent documents with in-built PatentOrder

Each tab is comprised of a written, step-by-step guide and concise video giving a brief overview of the different functionalities in PatDocs. For more in-depth guidance we recommend you contact the support team for specialised training or register for one of our training webinars.