An Introduction to IPShare

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Using IPShare Basics

Welcome to IPShare Basics. On this easy-to-use website, you will find the guidance to help you get started with IPShare. If you have any feedback or additional questions, please contact us at

This site covers the main functions to explore in IPShare:

  • Setting up users and user groups
  • Creating a project, importing documents and adding users and groups to projects in order to collaboratively review IP documents.
  • Tools in IPShare: Highlighting, annotating, labelling, ranking and chatting with colleagues in a project.
  • Use Legal Information Browser, Textmine and Snapshot for visually represented information on legal status, scientific text and a summary analysis respectively.
  • Export IP document information in Excel files.

Each tab is comprised of a written, step-by-step guide and concise video giving a brief overview of the different functionalities in IPShare. For more in-depth guidance we recommend you contact the support team at for specialised training.